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New Website - Autumn 2018

A new mobile-friendly website is under construction. It will include an enhanced set of utilities for members including a new online version of the bulletin. You can see how it is developing here. You can login and try out some of the new options available in the members menu, but do note that the site is not fully tested and there are likely to be a few bugs. Any data you submit through it will not go to the COL database, and will not be included in the bulletin. The grapics and theme are not yet in their final state; they have been borrowed from one of my existing sites.

In the new site you will find an online bulletin and interactive maps of monthly data. Links to these appear in the members menu.

If you are still using Internet Explorer 8 and 9 please update your browser to a later version, or use the latest Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari browsers. The new site will stop supporting Explorer versions belows 10.

Other Changes and Improvements

Major changes to the internal working of the website were made between September and December 2015 and our web hosting company rectified an issue with our server configuration at 21:00 on March 1st 2016. Data upload problems should now be a thing of the past, especially if your browser accepts cookies from the site, but if you experience any problems, please email the Webmaster itemising and describing them.

When members submit monthly data to the site, a copy of the data submitted should now appear on screen after the submit button has been pressed. If this does not happen, please contact the webmaster.

Do remember, that you can always update your monthly record after it has been submitted. To do this return to the members menu page, then select the monthly record page, followed by the appropriate year and month. Then from the 'Select Action' drop down list, select 'Update existing record'.


The site uses session cookies if your browser is set up to accept them. They hold your login details and station details if you have one. When you leave the site, the cookies are destroyed. You need cookies enabled if you want to submit records online reliably. To be sure of this, go to the Privacy settings in the Internet Options of your browser and enter this site as one from which you are prepared to accept cookies. Alternatively set your privacy setting to low.

With cookies disabled data submission will still work but you may be timed out if you take more than 20 minutes.

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This site has been written using HTML 5 and CSS3. It should display well in all current editions of the main browsers:

It has also been tested on a range of mobile devices.

It should also display in most older browsers, but there is a limit!

If you are having problems please download the latest edition of one of the main browsers and open the site again. If you are using a version of Internet Explorer earlier than 8, and your machine or operating system cannot take a later version, please consider downloading and using one of the other browsers.