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News from the COL Committee

From time to time Committee members will post important information on this page.


New Website Coming

A new mobile-friendly website is in the process of being constructed and should be online by autumn 2018.

If any member has an ideas or functionality that they believe would be helpful in the new site, they should contact the Webmaster before April 2018 if possible, so that feasibility and can be assessed and proper plans made.

Forum Upgrade

At some point after February 2018, the software supporting the forum will be upgraded. Every effort will be made to retain all existing content, but members should back up their contributions on their local machines just in case there is any data loss.

All exisiting members of COL should have a login for the forum. Members forum username and password  are displayed on forum entrance page, which is accessed by a link on the members menu. Unfortunately, it is not possible to have these identical to the username and password members use to access the main website. Members should read the rules of forum once they are logged into it. Only members can post messages to the forum, but it is visible to the general public, so that needs to be kept in mind if we are to promote a good image of COL and attract new members!

If you are a member and do not have a forum login, please contact the Webmaster

The Gallery

The old gallery was removed several months ago as it proved difficult to use and maintain. A simpler system is under development and will be included in the new website. If any member has weather-related photographs that they do not mind being shown on the website, they should send them to the webmaster using the email address in the Monthly Bulletin. Members retain copyright of their photographs, and a notice to this effect will be displayed with each photo displayed in the gallery.

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