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With all forms of membership, you can submit monthly data to COL if you run a weather station. There is no extra charge for this.

Annual subscription rates vary according to the way in which you want to receive the monthly bulletin:


You will receive the bulletin by email each month in PDF format. You have the chance to download versions for both reading on screen, or printing out.

Paper, or paper plus electronic

You will receive a paper copy of the bulletin each month via the postal service. You can also choose to receive the electronic version as well at no further cost. Printing and postage costs are significant, so the subscription rate is higher.



The easiest way to join COL is to use our online system here

Alternatively you can download a membership form here, complete it and return it by email (as an attachment) to the Webmaster. If you intend to submit monthly data you must also grade your site using the COL scheme, which can be downloaded here.


Your privacy is important to us and you should download an read a copy of our privacy statement.

N.B. If you join COL part way through the year, you only need to pay pro-rata, e.g. anyone joining in July should only pay 50% of the appropriate subscription rate

Once your form is received, your information will be held securely on COL database, and passed to the Secretary, the Teasurer and the Bulletin Editor.


You will also need to pay your subscription online or send a cheque to the COL Treasurer: Mike Snow, 2 Broxfield Close Oadby Leicester LE2 5WJ.

What happens next?

If you have just signed up to receive the monthly bulletin, you should start to receive this within the next month.

If are going to submit data, then you will be informed of your Station Name and Number by email, as soon as this is set up, which will usually be within a few days.