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Website and Forum Issues

Posted: Sun Dec 13, 2015 5:14 pm
by Paul Swinhoe
Both website and forum are hosted on a 'shared' platform to keep costs down, retain and attract members, etc. The downside is that other sites are using the same web and database servers, meaning that response times can be slow when the servers are under heavy use.

The Committee is aware of this, and if the reliability of monthly data uploads or response times of web pages and the forum drop to an unacceptable level, we may move to to a faster but more expensive platform. This could well mean the suspension of the forum for a period - and more importantly, it may mean a loss of forum posts, although every effort will be made to avoid this.

So, if there is anything you have posted on the forum which you feel must be retained and uploaded again in the future, please create a backup on your own machine.

Re: Website and Forum Issues

Posted: Mon Dec 14, 2015 8:54 pm
by Nicholas Gardner

Thanks for your continuing input and hard work on keeping the website and forum going. It is most appreciated and hopefully we will get lively debates and frequent weather postings from now on:!: