5- 10mm dia Hail in Polar Maritime air

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Chris Richards
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5- 10mm dia Hail in Polar Maritime air

Postby Chris Richards » Fri Jul 01, 2016 6:54 pm

At 5.15 this evening, a developing CB passed right overhead here on the Wirral, and gave a brief but intense fall of rain and hail. The hailstones were the largest I've seen here, exceeding 5mm in dia for many of them, and creating an ominously sounding din on the plastic car-port roof, under which I was standing!

There was a flash of lightning overhead at the time, followed seconds later by a brief rumble of thunder, that was just audible above the noise all around.The Met Office rainfall radar for 1715,shows the expected white radar colour right across the centre of the Wirral at this time.

Chris Richards
West Kirby

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