This forum is for discussing and posting observations of short term weather events that have taken place within the last few days. It could include details of thunderstorms, snow, rainfall, hail, temperatures, etc. Please create a thread for the day, or add your comment to the existing thread if it is related to previous comments there.
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Postby Greg Gruner » Thu Jun 23, 2016 8:23 pm

Last night it was Farnborough's turn to get some big storms. I heard thunder first at around 11pm, but this was just a few rumbles. I was then woken at 2am by thunder and lightning almost directly overhead, and torrential rain. This lasted for about 45 minutes, then "normal" heavy rain persisted until around 7am. Looking at the radar, there seemed to be a long "finger" of rain oriented SW/NE that moved in a NE direction and meant that stations in a Farnborough-London line caught the lion's share of the rain. The BBC had South Farnborough (the airfield) reporting 46mm, the top of their list. I recorded 39.5mm this morning, nearly all of it falling between midnight and 7am. With another 4.6mm in yet another thundery shower this afternoon, I am now on 86.8mm for June so far (about double the normal total for the month).

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